phantasmagoric abstractions

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Aisha Diandra / photographer. artist. designer. likes to dress up & pose, not a model. horror aficionado.
This blog is for my art, expression, inspiration, ramblings & everything in between.
I like the strange & spooky, beautiful & sensual, surreal & grotesque. contradictions fascinate me.

(the photos above are my own work.)

#mental health

: The reality of restriction and starvation. »


This is the third post in my ‘The reality of…’ ED series, after ‘the reality of laxative abuse’ and ‘the reality of vomiting as a purging method’. Starvation or calorie restriction is an extremely dangerous ED behaviour and more people need to be aware of its dangers.

This post will focus…

just to remind people that I’m trying to slim down / get toned healthily, k guys? :3 obviously if I’m making slutty brownies, peanut butter cups, and chocolate banana fudge, I’m not starving myself. (urge to make more slutty brownies, rising. they were a hit at my birthday party, I was so proud! ^_^)