phantasmagoric abstractions

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Aisha Diandra / photographer. artist. designer. likes to dress up & pose, not a model. horror aficionado.
This blog is for my art, expression, inspiration, ramblings & everything in between.
I like the strange & spooky, beautiful & sensual, surreal & grotesque. contradictions fascinate me.

(the photos above are my own work.)


porcelainpoet replied to your post: i wasn’t being nit picky or playing a game. :/ was curious, as i thought veganism mean avoiding animal and their by products, not placing your beauty above an animal’s life.

I think you pretty much kicked ass with your response here. It really pisses me off when uber vegans get all up in other peoples business. Everybody has a right to make their own fucking choices. We all do what we can, that’s all you can ask.

I hate when more hardcore vegans pick on other vegans’ minor faults, especially. Or worse, when people who aren’t even vegan pick on me about how vegan I am. Why does it have to be a competition? It’s like a Christian arguing with a Catholic, or an omnivore who eats red meat arguing with an omnivore who doesn’t eat red meat. 

It’s not necessary, and it’s frustrating.