phantasmagoric abstractions

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Aisha Diandra / photographer. artist. designer. likes to dress up & pose, not a model. horror aficionado.
This blog is for my art, expression, inspiration, ramblings & everything in between.
I like the strange & spooky, beautiful & sensual, surreal & grotesque. contradictions fascinate me.

(the photos above are my own work.)


punkrockmermaid replied to your post: when people complain about how horrible their first world country is, then tell me I don’t know any better because I’m not Australian.

Australia is one of the luckiest coutries in the world! We have free healthcare and a pretty decent welfare and welfare housing system. It’s ridiculous when people say shit like that! Grrr x

seriously!! my face was like :O the whole time because I was just baffled that he thought he could “go on” about how shit Australia is and how it’s not a first world country. I honestly was under the impression that you didn’t need to be well-travelled or worldly to know this fact, but I guess I was wrong! >_<